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Professional Teeth Whitening is The Quickest and Simplest Way to Look Years Younger

A sparkling, white smile exudes confidence and brightens your expression. You look years younger when you erase a dingy yellow hue caused by aging or stains due to years of coffee and red wine consumption.

At Advanced Care Dentistry, Thomas O. Marxen, DDS, MSD, and Andrew Keith, DDS provide professional teeth whitening that gets you a whiter smile in just a few hours. The practice uses Zoom®!, a safe, simple, and comfortable whitening platform to help you achieve shades of change in your smile.

You’ll notice an immediate change in the way you look. Read on to learn how teeth whitening can take years off your face.

Older teeth tend to be less bright

Young people tend to have whiter teeth. The outer layer of their teeth, the enamel, is still fully intact and hasn’t been worn down by years of use. When the enamel thins, the inner dentin shows through and gives the teeth a more yellow hue.

Teeth also discolor due to tobacco use and the foods and beverages you consume. The longer you consume things like coffee and red wine, the more impact they have on the coloration of your teeth.

When you whiten your teeth, you erase these signs that the years have taken a toll on you and your smile.

White teeth change the way people perceive you

Your smile is a sign of warmth, confidence, and health. Whiter teeth imply better health and a youthful vibe.

One study, conducted by the toothbrush company Oral B, demonstrated that whiter teeth give people the perception that you’re much younger – five years or more so than your actual age.  

When you want to make a good first impression, whether at a job interview or at a blind date, whiter teeth allow you to smile with confidence. No more hiding your smile or staying stoned face – show off your laughter and grins. You’ll seem more approachable and welcoming with a youthful energy.

White teeth also demonstrate that you have good hygiene habits and are in generally good health. You’ll look more vital and capable when you have a radiant smile.

Teeth whitening is a simple solution

Sure, cosmetic injections, face creams, and surgery can help you achieve a more youthful look, but they can be costly, time consuming, and invasive. Teeth whitening is simple. 

You just come into the office of Advanced Care Dentistry and sit back in the chair. We apply the specialized solution to your teeth (after protecting sensitive soft tissue such as your gums) and direct the ZOOM! whitening light to your teeth.

In just three 15-minute applications, your treatment is complete. You walk away with a brighter, whiter smile that exudes youth and confidence.

When whitening doesn’t work

Teeth whitening with ZOOM! is effective on stains caused by tobacco, food and drink, and aging, but may not be effective if you have discoloration due to injury or certain medications. In these cases, whitening and a more youthful smile is achievable with dental veneers or Lumineers. These porcelain overlays, cemented to your teeth and customized to match your coloring and smile, give you a uniform smile.

In addition to improving discoloration, veneers and Lumineers can also fix minor gaps and misalignments and improve the look of teeth that are misshapen, chipped, or irregular in size. Our doctors can help you determine the best way to boost your smile to create a radiant, youthful look. 

To start your way to a whiter, more youthful looking smile, call Advanced Care Dentistry in Woodinville, Washington or schedule a consultation online. We’re here to help the health of your teeth and so much more.

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