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Sedation Dentistry Specialist

Advanced Care Dentistry

Cosmetic, General & Specialty Dentistry located in Woodinville, WA

If going to the dentist makes you stressed or anxious, then sedation dentistry can significantly improve your experience. At Advanced Care Dentistry in Woodinville, Washington, Thomas O. Marxen, DDS, MSD, has a sedation license and over 20 years of experience in administering dental sedatives. To learn more, schedule a visit by phone or online with Dr. Marxen, Andrew Keith, DDS, and their team.

Sedation Dentistry Q&A


What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry includes the use of sedatives to keep you calm and relaxed during dental procedures. Nearly 30% of the population experiences dental phobia, which can be so severe for some people that it prevents them from getting proper oral health care. 

With sedation dentistry, the team at Advanced Care Dentistry can significantly reduce the stress and anxiety surrounding your dental treatments so you can get the care you need without all the fear.

Is sedation dentistry for me?

Some of the reasons that you might want to explore sedation dentistry include:

  • Intense fear or anxiety about dental procedures
  • Inability to get numb with local anesthesia
  • Traumatic past experiences 
  • Fear of needles or shots
  • Sensitive teeth or gag reflex

Sedation dentistry is also a popular option for people who are undergoing complex treatments requiring a significant amount of time. A sedative can help you get through the procedure and make it easier for you to stay relaxed in the chair.

What types of sedation do you offer?

Dr. Marxen has been administering dental sedatives for over 20 years and has a special license to practice sedation dentistry from the state of Washington, a state that maintains some of the most stringent requirements in the country.

Some of the sedation options offered at Advanced Care Dentistry include:

Inhalation sedation

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is one of the most popular forms of sedation in dentistry and has been used to keep people calm and relaxed since the 1800s.

It’s an odorless gas inhaled through a mask worn over your nose. The mask stays in place throughout your entire procedure. The effects wear off almost immediately after the team stops administering it.

Oral conscious sedation

Oral conscious sedation is a pill that you take shortly before your procedure. It’s usually a benzodiazepine, like Valium® or Ativan®, which makes you feel more relaxed without making you lose consciousness. It can take some time for the effects to wear off, so you should arrange to have somebody take you to and from your appointment.

Intravenous moderate conscious sedation

This is one of the more predictable types of dental sedatives, meaning the team can precisely control its intensity throughout your procedure.

IV moderate conscious sedation alters your state of consciousness, leaving you slightly disassociated from your surroundings, significantly reducing your anxiety levels and pain perception.

Most people report feeling like they were asleep throughout their procedure because they typically don’t remember anything from the start of the sedation to the time when they leave the office.

To learn more about how sedation dentistry can improve your dental experience, schedule a consultation with Advanced Care Dentistry today by phone or book online.