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The Benefits of CEREC Same-Day Crowns

The Benefits of CEREC Same-Day Crowns

A dental crown is a type of dental restoration that acts like a cap to protect a damaged or misshapen tooth. Dental crowns are also used to top off sturdy dental implants and provide an anchor for dental bridges.

Crowns are tooth-colored and made of solid materials, like metal, resin, ceramic, and porcelain, that make them look and feel like your natural teeth. Crowns are customized to match the coloration and shape of your existing teeth so your smile looks complete and you can chew and talk with ease.

At Advanced Care Dentistry, we are proud to offer chairside economical restoration of esthetic ceramic, or CEREC, same-day crowns so you can get your crown fitted in just one visit to the office. Read on to learn why this is such a benefit to you and your smile. 

Less hassle

In the past, getting a customized crown took multiple visits to the dentist’s office. Your provider would take an impression of your teeth and send this impression off to an off-site lab, which could take weeks to produce your crown. In the meantime, you were fitted with a temporary crown. When your customized crown came in, you’d need to return to the office to have it fitted and if it had any errors in design, you’d have to wait again for the lab to fix it.

CEREC crowns are manufactured in our office in a short time. You can get the crown fitted in one appointment and leave with a fully functioning, gleaming smile. 

No messy foam impressions

Instead of biting into a mouthful of foam to get an impression of your teeth, we use CAD (computer-aided design) to capture digital images of your tooth and jaw. We simply take a few specialized pictures of your smile to get the specs for your crown so it can be manufactured with specialized CAM (computer-aided manufacturing).

Natural appearance

CEREC crowns look exceptionally natural and blend right into surrounding teeth. 

Many lab-created crowns are made from a combination of porcelain and metal that’s often called porcelain-fused-to-metal. CEREC crowns don’t have a metal core, so it reflects light optimally and enhances your smile. They are made of porcelain or a resin composite. 

Strong functionality

CEREC crowns are sturdy and resist abrasion, so they last. Research supports the ability of CEREC crowns to stand up to everyday wear-and-tear. This reduces the chance that you’ll have to head back to our office for a crown repair. 

Potentially less expensive

The traditional dental crown workflow of sending impressions off to a lab and enduring multiple appointments can get pricey. CEREC crowns are usually covered by your dental insurance and the efficiency of CEREC crown construction and placement means fewer expensive visits, potentially saving you money.

Advanced Care Dentistry is available to help you with all your dental care needs. Call the office or reach out via this website if you’re in need of a durable, natural-looking crown and don’t want to wait weeks to get it. CEREC crowns offer you the restoration you need to complete your smile. 

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