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Versatile Veneers: The Perfect Coverup for Many Smile Flaws

Versatile Veneers: The Perfect Coverup for Many Smile Flaws

Veneers are a simple, effective solution for aesthetic concerns about your smile. They can be a fix when you have unsightly chips, irregularly sized teeth, permanent stains, or mild crookedness. 

At Advanced Care Dentistry in Woodinville, Washington, Thomas O. Marxen, DDS, MSD, and Andrew Keith, DDS, offer veneers as a cosmetic service to conceal various smile issues. 

Here’s what it’s like to receive veneers and achieve a beautiful, glowing smile. 

All about veneers

Veneers began as a way for movie stars to flash a perfect smile in front of the camera. In the 1920s and 1930s, actors wore them when performing, but they were not bonded and couldn’t provide a long-term solution to imperfect smiles. 

Today’s veneers are more versatile and practical than ever. Plus, they’re available to anyone who wants a more beautiful smile. 

They consist of a thin porcelain sheet, no thicker than a contact lens, that your dentist bonds to your existing teeth. Your veneers are customized to match your existing coloration and tooth structure, so they look like your natural teeth — only better. 

Smile corrections made by veneers

Veneers are the perfect solution for several smile flaws. Talk to us if you’re concerned about the following:

Veneers are often the most cost-efficient and effective solution to get you the desired smile. 

We do a comprehensive dental exam and consultation if you’re interested in veneers. We want to ensure you are free of any major decay or gum disease. We offer treatment before cosmetic procedures if you have these issues.

Planning for and receiving veneers

If veneers are the right cosmetic step, we do a thorough smile design. This plans exactly how many of your teeth to cover with veneers. Together, we choose just the right shade for your veneers, so they blend seamlessly into your smile. 

When you come in to receive your veneers, we prepare your teeth. This does require removing about a millimeter of enamel so the veneers fit and adhere with a tight bond. 

Because of this step, veneers are considered a permanent solution. 

We provide you with a temporary set of veneers to wear. We then take an impression of the teeth to receive veneers. We send these impressions to a specialty lab so a technician can create the custom veneers. 

When your veneers come in, about a week or so later, you return to the office to have them fitted and secured. Any minor fit or color adjustments are made at this appointment.

Smile with confidence

Your veneers look natural, so people simply admire your beautiful smile. They last about 10-15 years before needing replacement. 

Veneers are strong and durable because they bond securely to your teeth. Treat them just like your natural teeth, but avoid using them as tools and chewing on hard objects (like popcorn kernels). Keep up great at-home oral hygiene habits and professional cleanings.

Contact Advanced Care Dentistry to learn how veneers or other cosmetic dentistry services can transform your smile. Call the office or reach out via this website to schedule an appointment.

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