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Ways Cosmetic Dental Procedures Actually Boost Your Oral Health

You may seek out cosmetic dental procedures to get a better looking smile. After all, teeth-whitening, veneers, and gum recontouring all help your teeth look their very best so you feel more confident and attractive.

Cosmetic dental care provides more than just a boost to your appearance. Many procedures help your oral health as well as your looks. At Advanced Care Dentistry, we want to help your teeth look good and function at their very best as well as promote optimal dental health. 

Here’s how some of our most popular cosmetic procedures can help you achieve good looks and good health.

Teeth whitening inspires you

Teeth whitening may seem completely cosmetic as its primary purpose is to make your teeth sparkle. But once you see your bright, gleaming smile, you may be extra inspired to keep it that way.

Teeth whitening can get you to stick to good oral hygiene, habits like brushing twice per day, flossing, and regular dental check-ups. While you can get mild benefit from over-the-counter whitening products found at your local drugstore, we offer more effective whitening treatments that give you an inspirational, confidence-building smile.

Veneers create uniformity

Veneers are thin porcelain overlays that disguise discoloration, modify tooth shape, fill in minor gaps, and resolve chips and cracks.

By filling in awkward spaces between your teeth and giving your teeth a more uniform shape, your mouth is less vulnerable to decay in hard-to-reach areas.

Gum contouring encourages healthy tissue

When you have excess gum tissue, your teeth appear short and your smile looks “gummy.”

Gum contouring gently removes excess gum tissue to give you a smile that looks natural and normal.

Removal of excess tissue means bacteria has less room to settle between your teeth and gum line, reducing your risk of gum disease.

Brushing and flossing becomes easier and more effective.

Some people require gum contouring for gum recession, when some of their tooth root is exposed. Gum recession results from any number of issues, including gum disease, grinding, age, too-vigorous of brushing, or genetics. A gum graft restores receded tissue so the roots are protected from sensitivity to cold or hot foods and liquids and less vulnerable to bacterial infection.

Restoring missing teeth maintains smile integrity

Missing teeth leaves gaps in your smile, potentially affecting speech and chewing. Your oral health may also be affected when you’ve lost a tooth due to an accident or disease.

When you leave gaps between teeth, your remaining teeth may shift into the empty area. Your jaw bone also starts to atrophy.

Replacing missing teeth with implants that are placed into the jaw bone and topped with a porcelain crown recreates the feel of your natural teeth and helps you maintain optimal oral health.

Ridge augmentation restores lost bone

If you’re lost a tooth, an indentation may form in the gums and jawbone just above the space where your tooth once was.

Ridge augmentation is a procedure that smooths out the indentation to restore the normal contours of your gums and jaw. The procedure usually includes a bone graft to replace atrophied bone.

This helps preserve your face shape and prevents further degradation of your jawbone, which can lead to tooth decay and a collapsed smile. 

If you have cosmetic concerns about your smile, come see us at Advanced Care Dentistry to find out how we can help you smile more confidently and promote your oral health. Call today or use the online tool to schedule

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